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Homeowners Association Management Company

Why You Need an HOA Management Company

An HOA is a notoriously difficult thing to manage – as you’ve likely discovered if you’re doing it yourself. It can be very time consuming, and usually those who run it already have full-time jobs – and a life. On top of that, a lot of what you deal with are compliance issues and complaints, which can strain those neighborly relationships.

Cecil Management Group, Inc helps manage the HOAs in more than 60 subdivisions in the St. Louis Metro East area. We work closely with board members to effectively and efficiently manage collections, budgets, and even compliance enforcement (yes, we’ll be the bad guys!) Our goal is to best the best HOA management company in the entire St. Louis region and the only way to get there is taking care of the neighborhoods we manage.

We have vast experience as an HOA manager, so we know how to keep your property values up and tensions down. With Cecil Management Group, Inc serving as your HOA managers, we’ll do all the difficult work, so you can simply focus on making the important decisions. One big decision that’s pretty easy to make is to hire us.

We Manage Like It’s Our Own Property

The whole reason for having an HOA in first place is to ensure that the subdivision is always an attractive place to live. Your HOA management company has to understand that, and care about your property values as much as you do. We treat the properties we manage as if they were our own – as if it were our property values at stake.

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HOA Management Services

  • Budget preparation and monthly financial statements
  • Preparation and coordination of meetings and elections
  • Account management including delinquency and lien processing
  • Annual tax filings
  • Monthly account reconciliation by a third party CPA
  • Processing A/R and A/P, billing, and assessment collections
  • Managing reserve investments
  • Administrative and insurance management
  • Pool, lake, and retention pond maintenance
  • Contractor and vendor coordination
  • Covenant enforcement and routine property inspections
  • Plus more!

What You Can Expect from Cecil Management Group, Inc

  • Quick response to emergencies and urgent situations
  • Proactive maintenance & timely repairs
  • Professional handling of difficult issues with homeowners
  • Respectful enforcement of compliance issues
  • Accurate and transparent financials

Locations We Serve as HOA Managers

Cecil Management Group, Inc manages over 60 subdivisions in the following areas: Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Alton, Godfrey, Highland, Granite City, Troy, Collinsville, Belleville, O’Fallon, Shiloh, Swansea, Fairview Heights, and many more!

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We’re happy to provide detailed information on how we can expertly manage your HOA.

Please e-mail us at hoa@cecilmanagement.com or call (618) 624-4610

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